Hope in Our City

Hope In Our City builds relationships in refugee neighborhoods to foster healthy community and make generational impact. Being in relationship with teens, moms, and kiddos not only can bring hope to their lives as they go through the difficult adjustment of being separated from their home, but also challenges and grows you. It is an amazing opportunity to step out, maybe learn how to make a Samosa, and see incredible resiliency. Through building friendships, all other needs come into clearer view. Find out more at


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Serving Cheltenham Elementary

1 in 5 children in America go without food for an extended period of time each year. This causes detriments to their physical health and causes them to focus on worrying about food rather than focusing on their studies. Food for Thought steps up twice a month to fight this issue by supplying meals to students.


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Housing Workshop

Once a month, the Corky Gonzales Library hosts a housing workshop for individuals who need assistance in finding affordable rental housing in Denver. As housing prices continue to rise, it becomes harder and harder to make ends meet. The goal of the housing workshop is to help people know of programs and housing possibilities so they don’t end up like so many who experience homelessness in our city.

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