Dwell Church gathers to experience family and to grow in our understanding and love of God.



Parking Available

Cheltenham Elementary

1580 Julian St.

Denver, CO 80204


You're Welcome

As a church, we are driven to be absurdly, uniquely, even supernaturally welcoming. We want you to feel welcome, like coming home. Don't worry, we won't be pushy. If you want to sneak in, grab your coffee, and slip into the back row, that is fine with us. If you want to make a new best friend and tell them your life story, that is great too. We just want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Our welcome team will be around and ready to assist you with whatever you could need, so don't hesitate to ask. 


Don't Be Surprised

Our gatherings are centered around one thing: God's love.

We sing to tune our hearts to his love, we learn more about his love from the Bible, and we celebrate and remember Jesus' love for us through communion. 


It's All Taken Care Of

No need to worry about a thing. There are lots of reasons or worries that could hold you back from coming. Don't let details keep you missing out on what could be the most transformative experience of your life. Here at Dwell, we believe in change. We believe that we are made to change and we have seen God change us. He can create that same change, growth, and life in you.

Below are a few details to answer any questions you might have:


  • Kids: Kids are welcome and have their own gathering in our Dwell Kids Space. A friendly volunteer would love to guide you and help you check in. All of our Dwell Kids volunteers are trained, vetted, and excited to welcome your kids.

  • Parking: We have parking on site waiting for you. It is on the South West side of the building facing Julian St.

  • Entrance: Come to the door right next to the giant mermaid graffiti. Seriously. That is not a joke. It is on Julian St. and is adjacent to the main entrance to the building.

  • Gathering Length: The gathering will last around an hour, but feel free to get there early and stay late. We love hanging out.